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Discovering Your Design Style: Basics Of Eclectic Design

Discovering Your Design Style: Basics Of Eclectic Design

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Moving into a new apartment is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and your design style. There are many different design styles to choose from, and the one you pick should reflect your style and personality. As you search for ideas and inspiration for apartment decor, you've probably seen things described as eclectic design. But what exactly does it mean and how can you incorporate it into your new apartment?  


We've put together a quick guide to help you understand the basics of eclectic design and a few ways to incorporate this creative style into your apartment: 


Eclectic Design Themes 

The term eclectic usually refers to a diverse mixture of things to create one cohesive feel. that is the idea behind the eclectic design. This design strategy brings in different colors, textures, elements, and patterns that still feel minimalistic but makes a bold statement. Those who embrace an eclectic design scheme like to combine modern elements with more traditional pieces, and combine both natural and industrial-inspired materials to create one cohesive look. 


Features of Eclectic Design 

The beautiful thing about eclectic design is that it is very personal and can change and vary depending on your personal style. There is no right or wrong way to do eclectic design, but there are a few characteristics that are consistent in the design scheme that helps differentiate it from other types of design. these include: 


The mixing of patterns- While some design strategies encourage you to bring elements from the same colors and fabrics, the eclectic design scheme encourages just the opposite. It includes bringing together different colors, patterns, fabrics, and designs. This could look like placing a shiny bowl of gold decorative balls on a flat, matte, wooden table. You could have mismatched chairs around your dining room table or put new trendy artwork on top of an old vintage dresser.  


Combining modern and traditional- Another aspect of eclectic design is combining modern pieces with vintage pieces. This could look like picking up an antique dresser at a flea market and using it as a modern coffee bar. To accomplish this look, you'll need to pick up your furniture and decor from lots of different types of places. Some of it might be brand new that you purchase at a local furniture store or boutique, while others you'll find at a thrift shop or antique sale.  


Chaotic, but with a plan- The eclectic design scheme is designed to feel like you've just put a bunch of random things together, but there is still supposed to be some sort of order and balance. An apartment with an eclectic design scheme is not just a bunch of random things thrown together, but a carefully curated space that intentionally mixes patterns, colors, textures, and design. In this type of design style, everything still has its specific place, and rooms aren’t supposed to feel cramped or crowded.  


Bottom Line 

One of the best things about eclectic design is that it allows your space to stay current even when trends are changing. The whole idea of this strategy is to bring in and take out pieces as you see fit. The mixing of styles and patterns means your apartment is always current ecause furniture and decor pieces are constantly being rotated in and out.  


NMS Lincoln is brand new to the Santa Monica apartment scene and features one, two, and three-bedroom open-concept apartments that serve as the perfect blank canvas to experiment with this colorful and vibrant design scheme. Check out the floorplans here.

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