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White property logo at NMS Lincoln, Santa Monica, CA, 90401
How To Workout At The Santa Monica Stairs

How To Workout At The Santa Monica Stairs

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The Santa Monica Stairs are a well-known pair of stairs located at 669 Adelaide Drive. Both are situated on an incline and were originally built to give pedestrian access to Los Angeles (Santa Monica Canyon) from Santa Monica. One set of stairs is known as the 7th Street stairway and the other is named the 4th Street stairway. The 7th Street stairway consists of a straight incline of 170 wooden stairs and produces a vertical change of 110 feet. Meanwhile, the 4th Street stairway consists of concrete flights that are regularly interrupted by right- and left-hand turns. You'll experience a vertical change of 115 feet over 189 steps. 

The stairs are a popular destination for aerobics enthusiasts, but they're an excellent challenge and make you feel like you got a great workout. Here's a look at how to workout at the Santa Monica Stairs. 

Laps on the Stairs 

Both sets of stairs offer different challenges in the form of the number of stairs and travel. The 7th Street stairs provide an uninterrupted ascent and descent, while the 4th Street stairs let you take a break from the incline and catch your breath. Depending on how you're feeling that day, you can lap up and down one or both sets of stairs to get a HIIT workout or stick to one set of stairs. 

Stairs Combined With a Run in Palisades Park 

The stairs are located next to Palisades Park, which is easily reached on foot. Once you're finished with your exercise routine on the stairs, head over to Palisades Park for an easy run and ease out of the strain from the stairs. If you're not done with the stairs for the day, or the crowds are too large, Palisades Park is home to the "secret" Mesa stairway. The Mesa stairs aren't as heavily used, but it has more steps with a total of 201 from top to bottom. 

Using the Stairs for Cardio and Relax With Yoga or Stretching Afterwards 

The stairs are awesome for improving cardio health and building lean muscle. They also put strain on your body and can be easy to overdo if you aren't careful with your exertions. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can stretch after your exercise and cool down on your own terms. The Palisades Park is one option, or you can continue to Santa Monica Beach to catch your breath, do your yoga routine, and enjoy the pleasures of the sand and ocean. 

The Benefits of Living Near the Santa Monica Stairs 

Santa Monica has a beautiful year-round climate that makes it easy to exercise outdoors. When you look at Santa Monica apartments for rent, consider the NMS Lincoln for its proximity to the Santa Monica Stairs. It's a short drive or an easy jog to the stairs from NMS Lincoln. You'll enjoy the opportunity to get the best possible workout routine as often as you like, then return to your Santa Monica luxury apartment to relax and enjoy its amenities and beautiful interior surroundings. 

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