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White property logo at NMS Lincoln, Santa Monica, CA, 90401

Our 3 Favorite Parks In Santa Monica

Our 3 Favorite Parks In Santa Monica

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Santa Monica, CA continues to be a very in-demand place for people to visit and eventually move to. Many people will want to move to this area of California because the weather is amazing, there is beautiful scenery, and a wide range of luxury and fun amenities. For anyone that lives in this area, one of the most appreciated parts of it is having access to various great parks. There are three parks in the Santa Monica area that all people should experience and enjoy if they are in the area. 


Palisades Park 

One of the most popular outdoor destinations in all the Santa Monica area is Palisades Park. This is a 26-acre park that is in western Santa Monica and extends all the way to the pier. The park is full of walking paths, dozens of different types of trees, a variety of historic structures, benches and picnic tables, and various playing areas. One of the largest draws of this park is the amazing views that it can provide. The park offers various bluffs that can be easily climbed and offers amazing views of both the Pacific Ocean and the local mountain ranges. 



Tongva Park 

Another popular park for those in the Santa Monica area is Tongva Park. This popular park is a smaller 6-acre park that is in the heart of Santa Monica. It is located right along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica and is just a couple of blocks from the local pier. The park is characterized by its nice walking path, unique art structures, and wide range of sustainable trees and plants. For those with kids, one of the popular draws to this park is the splash pad, which can provide a fun and affordable way to stay cool throughout the summer. There are also bike racks, picnic tables, and a playground to enjoy. 


Ocean View Park 

If you like to spend your time outdoors and being active, Ocean View Park is another destination that you will want to know and visit. This part is located right on the beach at 2701 Barnward Way in Santa Monica. This 5.6-acre park is well-equipped with basketball courts, tennis courts, and various grass areas with picnic tables to enjoy. At the end of the park, you can walk directly to Ashland Walk, which will take you across the street to the beach. 


There are many great parks and local amenities to enjoy when you are in the Santa Monica area. If you are looking to move to this area, finding a great place to live is very important. When you are looking for Santa Monica apartments to rent, one great option to consider is NMS Lincoln. This is a luxury apartment community located in the heart of Santa Monica. The community offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and lofts, and various onsite amenities, including a rooftop deck and a fitness center. Best of all, you will have immediate access to all that Santa Monica has to offer, including the local parks. 

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