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Should You Rent a Loft Apartment?

Should You Rent a Loft Apartment?

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As you search for your next apartment, you may see the word loft used to describe a floor plan. What is a loft apartment, and should you rent one? If the concept of a loft apartment intrigues you or you'd like to know more, you're not alone. 

Many newly built and converted apartment communities feature loft apartments in their floor plan selection, so it makes sense to explore this option and decide whether it's right for you. 

What is a loft apartment? 

A loft apartment usually has high ceilings and an open floor plan. The loft refers to the second-story area, usually styled as a bedroom with an open or partially open wall to the space below. Lofts often feature huge windows that run from the floor to the ceiling and allow lots of natural light to enter the home. 

Lofts became popular when renovators began buying old commercial properties and converting them into apartment communities. The classic image of a loft suggests brick walls, exposed pipes, wrought iron fixtures, and industrial windows. 

However, the popularity of the loft living experience has encouraged some property owners to design brand-new loft apartments rather than convert old buildings. Today, lofts are a common feature in downtown high rises as much as they are in beautiful apartment communities with a view of the ocean. 

Studios Versus Loft Apartments 

Even though a loft may technically feature one single room, when you consider that the bedroom is open to the rest of the home, you might think it's just a glorified studio. However, a studio apartment will offer much less flexibility than a loft apartment. 

In a studio apartment, the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining area are enclosed within a single space. Other than the front door, the only doors in a studio usually lead to a closet and a bathroom. A loft apartment will often provide distinct areas for dining and living, as well as a totally separate bedroom area. 

Should You Rent a Loft Apartment? 

As you explore the apartment homes at the NMS Lincoln and other Santa Monica apartments, you'll probably tour a few loft-style apartments or see listings for available units. Consider the following when deciding whether to rent a loft apartment. 

Lofts take open floor plans to the max. If you enjoy privacy, you might find that the open floor plan of a loft is a little much. However, if you like the open and airy feel of an open-concept floor plan, you'll definitely want to consider a loft. 

Lofts can feel larger than they really are. The missing walls and the high ceilings of a loft can make you feel like you're in a very large space, even though the square footage might only reach that of a conventional studio or junior one-bedroom. 

Lofts are often modern, minimalist spaces. The average new loft apartment is a blank canvas ripe for personalized d├ęcor. If you enjoy the appealing minimalism of modern living, the style of a loft may appeal to you. 

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