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White property logo at NMS Lincoln, Santa Monica, CA, 90401
White property logo at NMS Lincoln, Santa Monica, CA, 90401

Why NMS Lincoln Has The Santa Monica Apartments You’re Looking For

Why NMS Lincoln Has The Santa Monica Apartments You’re Looking For

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Are you looking for a brand-new apartment in Santa Monica? Consider downtown Santa Monica apartments at NMS Lincoln. Located on Lincoln Boulevard. NMS Lincoln Santa Monica Apartments have one- to three-bedroom units available. The luxurious building also features a rooftop pool and soothing spa complete with breathtaking ocean view. 

NMS Lincoln Santa Monica Apartments are also pet friendly, crafting a community for individuals and families to include their dogs and cats in pet friendly activities. The location is ideal: close to several area schools, police stations, and fire departments. Many guests anticipate their favorite amenity: an ultramodern gym to provide an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle.  

NMS Lincoln is new (opening in winter season, 2022), with a modern, cube-style appearance also offering lofts. Residents will also enjoy an outdoor movie deck up on the roof, enjoying the community interaction, the Pacific view, and an opportunity for relaxation. We view the rooftop experience as central to defining our resident community in the future. 

These premier Santa Monica apartments offer convenience: they are located near the 10 freeway, the Downtown Santa Monica Light Rail Station, and the Santa Monica Place Mall. Shopping, services, highway access, and public transit are nearby, helping residents lessen the stress of a commute or the time it takes to grab some items nearby. 

Moving can be a stressful situation — locating Santa Monica apartments in a good location, finding something with openings, and making sure you're leasing with a reputable, established business. NMS Lincoln provides all of this, with the added benefit of being able to move into a never-before-used apartment. We provide standard move-in instructions and will help you coordinate move-in times with other guests who are also preparing to enjoy this new community we will build together. 

This community embodies the spirit of Santa Monica — breezy, fun, and convenient. If you're ready to live the lifestyle of shopping and sun, consider touring NMS Lincoln. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, our concierge staff will be available to listen. Because we're new, you can enter your next living situation with the freshest start possible — something most people need after dealing with the pandemic for years. Our staff provides clear, consistent, kind communication to make sure everyone in our community is on the same page.  

Additionally, nature lovers will love the proximity to the ocean. These Santa Monica apartments are just a half mile from the beach bluffs. Much thought has gone into the design of NMS Lincoln, providing a comfortable and convenient experience for residents. Various floor plans offer something for everyone — contact our property manager today to see one

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