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White property logo at NMS Lincoln, Santa Monica, CA, 90401

A Sneak Peek Into 3 Of LA’s Most Exclusive Social Clubs

A Sneak Peek Into 3 Of LA’s Most Exclusive Social Clubs

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People come to LA from all over the world for an opportunity to live like a celebrity amongst the swaying palm trees. They’re motivated by their dreams of jet-setting like a socialite, spending the days at the beach, and sipping cocktails with beautiful people in beautiful places.  

And while not all of LA is star-studded and luxurious, there are parts of the city that revolve around luxury, prestige, and status. These are LA’s most exclusive social clubs, and only a select few are lucky enough to get in.  


The California Club 

The California Club is arguably the most sought-after club in LA and has been for more than a century. Designed to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, LA’s premier social club offers luxurious lounge spaces, five-star dining options, and elegant suites and guest rooms. Here, influencers, business owners, celebrities, and the who’s-who of LA can find privacy and community that they can’t find anywhere else. With a strict dress code and technology policy, The California Club is serious about offering a first-class experience to every guest. Membership isn’t open to the public, and the only way to get in is to be invited by a current member.  


The sophisticated dining ambiance of the dining room and patio make a great place to host an important dinner meeting or romantic date night. The third-floor bar and deck are slightly more casual (T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops still not allowed) and offer a place for members to enjoy the club’s specialty menus in a more relaxed atmosphere.  


Members have exclusive access to 538 Wine & Spirits Shop, a gorgeous and historic selection of the world’s best wines, along with a wide variety of everyday wines to enhance any dining experience. Lloyd’s Barbershop is another popular service within the California Club. This world-class barbershop has earned a reputation in LA for being the place to go for a haircut. Professional barbers offer members and their guests a unique haircut experience that leaves guests feeling like a million bucks.  


The Jonathan Club 

Right up there with the California Club, The Jonathan Club has earned its place as one of the best (and hardest to get into) social clubs in California. Founded in the late 1800s, The Jonathan Club has been a significant influence on the culture and community of LA. To be a member here, you have to submit an inquiry to the membership board for consideration. In the last ten years, the club has made major changes to its dress code and admittance policies to attract the younger influencers of Los Angeles.  


With a focus on mental and physical wellness, the Jonathan Club offers a variety of classes and programs dedicated to overall wellness. From yoga and pilates to exciting group classes and personal training sessions, members can take care of their minds, body, and soul within the walls of the club. All year long members can participate in aquatics, basketball, paddle tennis, squash, and volleyball, and then treat themselves to luxurious spa services afterward. The recently renovated spa, fitness, and athletic facilities are designed to make members look and feel their best.  


Along with state-of-the-art wellness and spa services, members have access to incredible dining options, an award-winning wine program, historic bars, cocktail lounges, and breathtaking hotel rooms and suites. And if that’s not enough to make you feel like a rockstar, the club hosts offer 200 members-only events throughout the year so you’re always on the invite list to the hottest parties in LA. 


The Britley 

The Britley is designed to offer the benefits of a traditional LA social club without all of the drama. It strives to bring people of different backgrounds and different industries together to share good food and good ideas. Some of The Britley’s unique features include: 


  • Two Members-Only Wolfgang Puck Restaurants 

  • Three Members-Only Bars and Lounges 

  • Surprise Food Cart 

  • State-of-the-Art 24-hour Gym 

  • Spa Access 

  • Personal Trainers 

  • Members Only-Club Garden Entrance 

  • Bowling Lanes 

  • Annual Charity Event 

  • Screening Room 

  • Rooftop Pool & Lounge 


With a calendar bursting with members-only events, The Britley is the place for connection in LA. If you’re looking for a social club that feels exclusive but is focused on inclusivity, this is it. To apply, you must submit an application on the website along with a recent headshot, and bonus points if you are referred by someone who is already a member. Membership to The Britley is $2,900.  


Other Popular LA Social Clubs: 

These three social clubs are part of the framework and foundation of LA culture, but there are hundreds of other social clubs throughout the city that are designed to bring the most powerful, popular, and influential people of LA together. Depending on the kind of social club experience you’re looking for, it’s worth looking into these popular options:  


  • City Club LA 

  • The Magic Castle 

  • The Aster 

  • Wilfandel Club 

  • The Adventurers’ Club 

  • Los Angeles Athletic Club 


Bottom Line  

People move to California to see and be seen. They come here to chase their dreams, find their community, and launch their careers. So much about your success in LA comes down to who you know, and these LA social clubs connect you with the people you need to know. Take the first step in being part of the elite social scene in LA by taking a tour of NMS Lincoln today!  

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