Furnishing Your New Apartment on a Budget

Burkliplatz Flea Market: Zurich

If you’ve recently moved into one of our affordable luxury NMS@Lincoln units, you’re probably excited to get started with sprucing up your new place. But you’re on a budget, and are trying to figure out how to decorate in your style without breaking the bank. Read on for our top three tips for decorating on a budget.


Craig’s List is Your New Best Friend

You could spend all day on Craig’s List searching for the perfect items. (Don’t do that.) Instead, set up a search, say loveseat in West Los Angeles, and subscribe to the RSS feed with your blog reader to get updates when a new item is posted. Also, call instead of email if you really want an item, and always ask for a price discount.


Weekends = Flea Markets

You could spend every weekend at a different flea market in Los Angeles. No joke. The most popular ones are the Rose Bowl Flea Market and the Long Beach Flea Market. You’ll want to arrive as early as possible to get the best items. Bring cash and your friend who is a master bargainer.


DIY Style

There is a world of possibility in creating décor for your apartment. Look up DIY-focused blogs and do a search according to what you’re looking for. Often, you’ll have the materials for creating the item already, and save hundreds of dollars you would otherwise spend on poorly made new products. Bonus? Your apartment will look completely unique instead of like the inside of an Ikea catalog.


With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, you can transform your new apartment into a home that you love without going over budget.